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Necaxa vs Club América Lineups: A Comprehensive Analysis

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As the highly anticipated match between Necaxa and Club América approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to see which players will make it onto the starting lineups. In this article, we will take a closer look at both teams and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide predictions for the upcoming game.

Necaxa Lineup:

Luis Malagón

Carlos Guzmán, Unai Bilbao, Idekel Domínguez, Jairo González

David Cabrera, Alejandro Andrade, Fernando Arce

Juan Delgado, Ian González, Rodrigo Aguirre

Club América Lineup:

Guillermo Ochoa

Jorge Sánchez, Emanuel Aguilera, Bruno Valdez, Luis Fuentes

Santiago Naveda, Pedro Aquino, Richard Sánchez

Federico Viñas, Mauro Lainez, Henry Martín

Analysis of Necaxa Lineup:

Necaxa’s goalkeeper, Luis Malagón, has been performing well this season, with 16 saves in seven games. In defense, Unai Bilbao and Jairo González are both strong players who can hold their own against tough opponents. The midfield trio of David Cabrera, Alejandro Andrade, and Fernando Arce are all skilled and experienced players who are crucial to Necaxa’s success. The forward line of Juan Delgado, Ian González, and Rodrigo Aguirre will need to step up their game if they hope to score against Club América’s solid defense.

Analysis of Club América Lineup:

Guillermo Ochoa, Club América’s goalkeeper, has had an impressive season so far, with 19 saves in seven games. The team’s defense is also strong, with Bruno Valdez and Emanuel Aguilera being key players in the backline. The midfield trio of Santiago Naveda, Pedro Aquino, and Richard Sánchez are all solid players who can provide both defensive and offensive support. Up front, Federico Viñas and Henry Martín are both skilled and experienced strikers who can create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

Predictions for the Match:

This match between Necaxa and Club América promises to be an exciting and closely contested game. While both teams have their strengths, Club América may have a slight edge due to their more experienced and skilled players. However, Necaxa has shown that they are a strong team this season and could surprise everyone with an upset victory.

ability making him a standout performer. He is known for his excellent passing range and ability to read the game well, which makes him a key player in Necaxa’s attacking transitions. With his intelligent movement and excellent vision, Cabrera has the potential to cause a lot of problems for Club América’s defense.

Mauro Quiroga – Forward

Mauro Quiroga is Necaxa’s top scorer this season and is known for his clinical finishing in front of goal. He is a physical presence in the box and has the ability to hold up the ball and bring his teammates into the game. Quiroga’s movement off the ball is also impressive, as he is able to find space and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. If Necaxa is to get a positive result from this game, they will need Quiroga to be at his very best.

Sebastián Córdova – Midfielder

Sebastián Córdova is one of the most exciting young talents in Mexican football, and he has been in excellent form for Club América this season. He is a creative player who is comfortable on the ball and has the ability to unlock defenses with his clever passes and dribbling skills. Córdova is also a goal threat from midfield, as he has scored some important goals for his team this season. Necaxa’s defense will have to be at their very best to contain him.

Henry Martín – Forward

Henry Martín has been in excellent form for Club América this season, and he is currently the joint-top scorer in the league. He is a versatile forward who is capable of playing in different positions across the front line. Martín is a clever player who is able to find space in the box and finish clinically when given the chance. He is also a hard-working player who is willing to track back and help his team defensively. If Club América is to win this game, they will need Martín to continue his excellent form in front of goal.

Both Necaxa and Club América have some very talented players in their squads, and this match is sure to be an entertaining encounter. The key players mentioned above will have a huge role to play in deciding the outcome of the game, and it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top. Necaxa will be hoping that their top scorer, Mauro Quiroga, can continue his excellent form in front of goal, while Club América will be looking to the likes of Sebastián Córdova and Henry Martín to make the difference.


In conclusion, both Necaxa and Club América have strong lineups and will undoubtedly put up a good fight in their upcoming match. Fans of both teams can look forward to an entertaining game, with plenty of excitement and drama on the field. Ultimately, it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious, but one thing is for sure – this match will be one to remember.

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