Home Business Determining Liability for Uber and Lyst Car Accidents in Manhattan

Determining Liability for Uber and Lyst Car Accidents in Manhattan

Determining Liability for Uber and Lyst Car Accidents in Manhattan
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The popularity of ride-sharing services like UBER and Lyft is unmatched outside New York City and other big cities. A skilled Car Accident Lawyer may be able to assist you if an Uber or Lyft ride vehicle was involved in a car accident that left you injured in Manhattan. If you are looking for compensation for the damages caused, read more to understand why you might need a Manhattan car accident attorney for your claim. 

Rideshare accidents:

Accidents involving rideshare services differ from other car wrecks in New York. Also, ridesharing uses a driver’s own automobile rather than a company-maintained fleet of cars. As a result, it’s important to be aware that rideshare firms do not provide their drivers with health insurance, private accident insurance, or any other work benefits.

Due to the legalisation of ridesharing throughout the state, both ridership and associated car accidents will surge. While Uber and Lyft are appealing alternatives to standard cabs in Manhattan, some have raised concerns about their safety because of their inadequate recruiting procedures.

As a result, in light of the frequently altering NY rideshare rules, it can be difficult to understand your rights as an injured passenger following an Uber or Lyft accident without the assistance of an attorney.

Determining liability:

Your own accountability for the accident won’t probably apply if you were a ridesharing passenger. You may benefit from this since it prevents the defence from raising a comparative negligence claim.

The following parties may potentially bear some of the blame for the injuries and damages caused in car accidents involving careless Uber and Lyft drivers:

  • The driver of an Uber or Lyft.
  • Uber or Lyft (the company).
  • Insurance provider.

To protect their legal responsibility and increase the likelihood of financial recovery in the case, the majority of Manhattan personal injury attorneys will file a lawsuit against each of these parties.

Talk to a lawyer about your legal options regardless of your role in the accident.

Final thoughts:

After a crash, it’s crucial to hire an attorney because ridesharing cases have special circumstances. Having to deal with Uber or Lyft’s insurance providers can be tedious and result in meagre compensation. You should work with a law firm with experience in this area of litigation if you were hurt in a crash involving a ride-sharing transportation service vehicle, whether you were a passenger in that vehicle or another, a driver, or a pedestrian.