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Creed Silver Mountain Water Perfume Review

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Those looking for a new perfume to add to their collection may have come across Creed Silver Mountain Water. This is a fragrance that captures the richness of bergamot and the sparkling rivers of the Swiss Alps. The scent is very clean and masculine, with a wild character.

It’s an ageless construction.

Designed by the creative team of Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon, Silver Mountain Water is an evocative Eau de parfum inspired by sparkling streams in the Swiss Alps. Featuring notes like bergamot, mandarin orange, and green tea, this fragrance is sure to delight. Its muskier counterpart is rounded out by sandalwood and galbanum.

This is one of the most popular Creed fragrances, and it was a significant hit when it was released in 1995. The fragrance is light and refreshing, but it is not for the faint of heart. It is best worn during warm weather. It is a moderately-lasting scent, though. It only lasts for about two hours. The best time to wear it is during the day.

The name Silver Mountain Water has stuck around for more than two decades, and it still holds up to the test of time. It is a floral and musky combination that is quite refreshing. It has an excellent projection for the first hour and a long-lasting finish. It has a slightly metallic quality that is often noticeable with age.

The Silver Mountain Water evocatively combines masculine and feminine elements in a perfume that stands out from the crowd. It is a good choice for a day out on the town, but there are better choices for cold weather. It is a little more expensive than other comparable colognes, but it’s worth the price.

It is also easy to find on the market. You can buy it from an official Creed reseller or online. It comes in a standard Creed box and is available in many places, including Walmart and Rite Aid. However, it is a costly cologne, and the longevity of the Eau de parfum is a little shorthanded. It will last for about two hours before you have to reapply.

Although it isn’t the best-smelling scent, Creed Silver Mountain Water is a reputable brand. It is well-rounded and a good value for the money. You should only purchase this fragrance from an authorized retailer.

The Creed Silver Mountain Water Eau de parfum is an excellent ol’ fashioned example of what is supposed to be the best in a niche product. While it’s not as good as the Mercedes Benz or the BMW, it’s better than most cars.

It has a masculine and wild character.

Designed for men, Creed Silver Mountain Water is the ultimate manly scent. It is a well-rounded fragrance with just enough masculine notes to make it stand out from the crowd. The best part is that it is relatively inexpensive. You can find it in a variety of retail outlets and online.

The bottle has a beastly atomizer. Its white and silver color scheme echoes the name. The cap has a silver Creed logo on top. The bottle itself measures a whopping 4.5 oz. A bottle with this size and design will last you years. It is an excellent investment that pays for itself many times over.

The Creed logo is on the bottle’s cap, and the bottle itself has a shiny silver finish. The bottle also boasts a reasonably priced price tag. The bottle can be purchased at most local department stores or on the internet. A few words of advice: check out a local Creed-authorized reseller first. You never know when an overdose of this scent could prove bad news.

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